beauty: the luxury sleep mask

beauty and sleep go hand in hand20150130_171047       A good night sleep leaves us feeling refreshed = feeling good = looking good.  But we can’t get that if there’s too much light hitting our pillow.  If the room isn’t dark enough the best thing is to put on a face mask.  Make sure the elastic on the mask is not too tight so you don’t wake up with an outline around your face (= not attractive). My favourite masks are usually made of silk but we came across these mod designs in Palm Springs that manage to keep the light out but don’t press against your eyes and nose.   Which means you can sleep in full mascara (not usually a good idea) and not wake up looking like a raccoon.  SOLD!20150130_171152

Destination PSP, a Palm Springs owned and operated small business. They produce unique, originally-designed merchandise including souvenirs, customized apparel, poolside wares, housewares and more. Stylish, modern designs that reflect the mid-century heritage of the Palm Springs area and are sought-after collectibles for visitors and residents alike.

 Do you have a favourite sleep mask?

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