beauty – truly

what does true beauty mean?beauty5

Does it mean fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes? Pale skin, green eyes and freckles? Or an olive complexion with almond shaped brown eyes?  What exactly is your perception?beauty2It started when I read an article from a beauty writer who grew up in a multi-cultural household.  It got me thinking about the true meaning of beauty, which we all know starts from within.

Of course having good genes helps, but if we’re being truthful we want it to show from the outside because that’s what we see right off the bat.  When people get to know you then your personality and spirit shine through to make you appear even prettier or at least interesting.  I always find pretty without personality just plain boring.  I always find a great personality on a plain face more beautiful. And different cultures have their different ideas of beauty too and that’s always interesting. It deserves a blog post of its own (coming soon). I will say this: I was considered too skinny in the Middle East for most of the men and secretly pleased by that, ha ha.

For instance, said writer claimed her dad would include wakame seaweed in miso soup to strengthen her hair because marine extracts are for real (domo arigato).  Loading up on green tea and grilled fish is also a good idea.  That’s why I now start my morning with a tea made from freshly squeezed lemon, slices of ginger, a little cayenne pepper, 1 tsp. of virgin coconut oil (that one is a new addition) and a tsp. of seriously pure honey.  The honey is a gift from a friend’s apiary in Nakusp and tastes amazing.  Followed by miso soup, grilled fish and red wine.

And then I pile on the makeup. No I don’t.  I think less makeup or even absolutely none at times (very rarely though with absolutely nothing – it must be summer) is a good idea.  Give your face a break.  I’m appreciating natural a lot more now even though I do love makeup – especially for eyes and lips (okay, cheeks too) and don’t forget the bronzer.

It’s still fun to experiment and unless I wear horse blinders I’m like a kid at Sephora looking through the aisles of makeup/skincare that we okay I think will make you look so much better (but then you get home, try the stuff on and you still end up looking the same).  Still it’s fun… I’ll never tire of looking at beautiful girly things.

And I think I’m as good a judge as any, with complete honesty on what products actually work.

So, what’s it like to be a writer in the beauty space blogosphere (or at least a reviewer of beauty products)?

Sure, the industry runs on lipstick and fragrance sales, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about redefining “pretty”; sharing the things that make people feel their best (red lipstick, cat-eye liner, or a good moisturizer); and giving a shout-out to people of all shapes, forms, and walks of life who are truly beautiful.

And feeling your best is what I think really defines beauty.  And a few good products!



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