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AS IF we need to add yet another beauty product to our makeup regime! rms1

I know we’re perfect just as we are, but if we want to appear even more perfect (or at least model perfect like Brazilian beauty Gisele Bündchen) okay, maybe that’s not really a fair comparison.  I’ll start again.  If you want to know about one of the modelling world’s not-so best kept beauty secrets (cause the word has started to spread) you might want to try adding a rich natural highlighter to your skin.

RMS is a cult favourite with editors, actors, makeup artists and models:

Dabbing a little of this magical highlighter is the quickest way to illuminate your skin. The creamy formula is filled with light-reflecting minerals and blends to leave a subtle (key word) luminous sheen behind. I like to wear it on my lids, browbone and cheekbones. Take your beauty cues from fan Gisele and dab it on your collarbones and shoulders too for a sexy glow.  Although I’m sure she got that idea from me. Anything she does must be worth a try right?

The pearlescent, pale-gold shade complements all skin tones and goes on ultra sheer – Best thing is that it’s made with certified organic ingredients – formulated with purifying Rosemary Extract and Vitamin E-rich virgin Coconut Oil.  It’s not sticky, greasy or glittery.

According to many in the know this is a must have beauty product.

Where to buy:

You won’t find this at Sephora

Online  Price: $38

Vancouver: Wish List Boutique – 2811 W Broadway  Price: $43

You’re Welcome

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