Has underwear really changed over the years?

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe
jesus fernandez
jesus fernandez lingerie

You bet! My sister just bought me a vintage Playboy magazine.  The date – 1972.  The cover price – one dollar.  Before you go thinking this is all too weird the cover reads “A Revealing History of Lingerie.”  As most of you are aware, I sell beautiful lingerie online.

Moving right along…throughout much of human history, female undergarments could not in truth be named – for the very good reason that they simply didn’t exist.  If she had to name them at all, she called them her unmentionables.  Mother Eve and her sensational little micro-mini fig leaf aside, modesty has, in fact, played virtually no part in the origin of any sort of human clothing – under or outer, male or female.013

From bloomers to thongs, pointy brassieres to pushup bras, the history of lingerie reveals a lot about women’s changing role in society – how we perceive ourselves and how we’re viewed by others. It’s fascinating to see how lingerie has changed over the last hundred years, but even more intriguing to note what’s stayed the same.

015Here’s a brief (pun intended) look at ladies undergarments throughout history:

Late 18th century – high fashion called for an ensemble of whalebone-stiffened corset and puff sleeved chemise.

19th century – was devoted largely to achieving fullness in strategic locations.  Watch- spring steel was used to make the dome-shaped “cage crinolines” & multiple layers of ruffled petticoats served the purpose for the Cancan girls of the naughty gaslight era.

1930’s – the uplift bra was responsible for the rise of a busty new breed of Hollywood star, of whom Lana Turner was the most prominent as the much photographed “sweater girl.”

1940’s – the spaghetti strap black-satin slip, once considered risqué, was memorably popularized by actress Silvana Mangano in the Italian neo-realist film “Bitter Rice.”

1950’s + 60’s – Swimwear had a mark influence in undergarment styles.  The bikini – which was first seen on French beaches in 1946, was transformed into lingerie over a decade later.

coneThe Bullet Bra (featuring exaggerated pointing or cone-shaped cups) and Push-Up Bra (by Frederick’s Of Hollywood) all debuted during this decade. Women now appeared to have breasts that almost reached their necks!  Panties became more colorful and decorative.

Liz Taylor
Liz Taylor

As the ’50s went on, Elizabeth Taylor in “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof” made a fashion statement (and probably scandal) wearing a custom-made-slip through most of that movie.

Slips were also featured in “Psycho” with Janet Leigh in a white bra and slip, than later as a decamping embezzler in a black ensemble.

Frederick’s Of Hollywood and Maidenform became nationally prominent during this decade. Frederick’s was created by Frederick Mellinger (he claimed to have invented the first push-up bra) in 1946.  He started out with a racy catalog which quickly became popular, then branched out into a chain of more than 175 stores. You could say that Frederick’s was the Victoria’s Secret of its day.

1970’sFreedom at last!  The modern girl chucks underwear all together.  Whether you see the liberation of the female form as a manifestation of women’s lib or the sexual revolution, you’ll agree that it was easy on the wallet.  Of course for playboy viewing – easy on the eyes too.

1980’sUnderwear as Outerwear may have started here as Madonna began the trend by wearing her cone bra and girdles over her clothing.

Famous Calvin Klein Ads
Famous Calvin Klein Ads

1990’s – Who can forget the  famous Calvin Klein underwear ads featuring a young Kate Moss and Marky Mark (Wahlberg) showing off his Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Comfort is more in style – boyshorts for women are BIG.

2013As of 2009, the visible wearing of corsets had become fashionable, popularized by stage performers such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

And yet what goes around, comes around as they say.

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Beauty with Benefits – Exfoliating

exfoliate2Your morning routine can easily take a turn for the worst if just seconds after applying face cream, you notice dry, flaky skin appear. Naturally, anyone will go into defense mode and re-up the hydration, but those patchy spots could be a sign that you’ve skipped a critical cleansing step: Exfoliation.


One of the best things you can do for your skin is to exfoliate it. Helping to ease congestion in spotty, blemished skin, it refines pores and can give dry skin back a bit of its lustre. But there’s more to exfoliating than whacking on some gritty stuff out of a tube every now and then. Here are a few things you may not know about how to get – and keep – skin looking its absolute best:

  1. Oils have a mild exfoliative effect and this makes them brilliant for use as a moisturizer before bedtime. Over night, skin is renewed and you’ll wake up looking fresher. Plus, oils are really nourishing, comforting and perfect for dry complexions. oil - CopyTry getspoilednow.com
  1. Face cloths can help to gently resurface skin too – but not lovely fluffy ones. Nope, a cheaper, thinner version is your best choice – try something like studio 35 beauty – premium exfoliating facial cleansing pads.  One side is soft for wiping and the other side has a micro-bead exfoliating surface.  Use with a creme or gel cleanser, and skin will be given that little extra bit of help.

    Cotton Exfoliating Pads
    Cotton Exfoliating Pads
  1. How often should we be scrubbin’ with the exfoliating grains, gels or pastes? Two to three times a week, and no more. The old fashioned Biore pore strips are still one of the best ways for removing dirt & blackheads around the nose area.  I try to use it once a week.biore
  1. Rice and fruit are brilliant ingredients for exfoliant products – the acids in fruit gently resurface skin without too much scrubbing, and rice is less harsh than pumice or the gritty grains you often find in cheaper brands. Here’s an excellent choice:  

    Mica Bella’s Vita-C Exfoliating Peeling Gel provides gentle exfoliation and vitamin C, all in one! They’ve taken advantage of a new technology to formulate the ”Vitamin C beads.” The Peeling Gel removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin silky smooth + with a healthy glow!  Available online at: http://www.intrigueimports.com/product_info.php?cPath=3_16&products_id=132

  1. Exfoliating skin does more than just clear congestion and blemishes – it can make you look younger too. How? Dead skin cells settle in lines and make them appear deeper. Clear the gunk out and it stands to reason you’ll look less lined.

Got any good tips yourselves? Share them in a comment!

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