You know that saying…is the glass half empty or half full? By now we all say “half full” even if we really see is as “half empty.”  We know better.  ??????????????????But here’s another test. This one by a doctor (Dr. David Rosen to be exact) who specializes in stress management.

Today in terrorist times we should strive to develop the fighter pilot’s philosophy of “a wealth of optimism and a want of fear.”  I’m sure they would all pass this test:

So here goes; TAKE A LOOK at these letters:


If you decipher the letters to read “opportunity is now here” you will survive disastrous times.  But you flunk the test if you read “opportunity is no where.”

But lighten up, it doesn’t mean your life will end soon……just that you are not as optimistic, or a fighter pilot.

I like this
I like this

Source for test: W. Gifford-Jones, MD (from the book – What I Learned as a Medical Journalist)








Health MATTERS:  a better way to get your C

  “Satisfaction of one’s curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life” – Dr. Linus Pauling

20140612_162844Funny the way life works sometimes.  I was reading W. Gifford-Jones MD “a collection of columns” from his book “What I Learned as a Medical Journalist which I find fascinating by the way….when I realized I was out of Vitamin C.  I was also feeling under the weather and it was suggested to me that I try out a brand new product – a powder with a high concentration of Vitamin C and L-Lysine called Medi-C Plus.  It sounded pretty good so I’m trying it out when I then realize that the Harvard Medical graduate’s name is on the bottle.  So now I’m even more curious to know more about this product.In a revolutionary finding, based on scientific fact that should have hit the headlines of every newspaper in the world, he says this powder can both prevent and reverse atherosclerosis in coronary and other arteries to prevent heart attack – a number one killer.

I just needed Vitamin C but while we’re at it…..

“If I had the power to improve the nation’s health I’d prohibit daily TV commercials that tell us that something is wrong with us.  I’d do this because Madison Avenue advertising is triggering false hopes and injuring health.  We’ve reached a point where a well person is someone who hasn’t been seen by enough doctors, or had a battery of tests done.  Then we could dump half of the pills in the trash.” – W. Gifford-Jones, MD (with a twist).

20140612_163547A condensed EXCERPT from the book: How Vitamin C and Lysine Powder can help prevent Heart Attack.

Many years ago, Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Noble Prize winner, is ignored for reporting that large amounts of Vitamin C and Lysine are needed to prevent coronary attacks.  Twenty-five years ago, Pauling reported that animals make Vitamin C while humans do not.  That’s why sailors died of scurvy during long sea voyages, but the ship’s cat survived.

Vitamin C is required to manufacture healthy collagen, the glue that holds coronary cells together, just like mortar is needed for bricks.  Lysine, like steel rods in concrete, makes collagen stronger.  Pauling claimed that it takes a mere 10 milligrams to prevent scurvy, but several thousand to prevent heart attack.

But to take large doses of Vitamin C and Lysine requires swallowing many pills daily.  It’s a tall order for those who dislike swallowing even one pill.  So for several years, Gifford-Jones had been trying to find a company that would manufacture a combination of Vitamin C and Lysine powder.  Now Medi-C Plus is available at health food stores.

It’s easy because the dosage for the Medi-C Plus combination is easy – one flat scoop with breakfast and the evening meal, with either water or orange juice. The only thing you can’t take it with is *Grapefruit juice.

The berry flavour doesn’t taste bad at all.  I read labels – it is naturally sweetened with berry and stevia.  The scoop inside is not so large that you feel you won’t go through it so quickly which is another plus factor. Helps in collagen formation, developing & maintaining bones and for teeth and gums.  Nothing not to like – I’M IN!  This may be my new “for life” product.


*Grapefruit juice and fresh grapefruit can interfere with the action of some prescription drugs, as well as a few non-prescription drugs.  Grapefruit most commonly interacts with drugs taken for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, allergies, HIV, impotence, and seizures. If you’re taking medication for any of these conditions, avoid grapefruit as a snack or juice. To be on the safe side, also stay away from tangelos, which are a hybrid of tangerine and grapefruit.

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