You know that saying…is the glass half empty or half full? By now we all say “half full” even if we really see is as “half empty.”  We know better.  ??????????????????But here’s another test. This one by a doctor (Dr. David Rosen to be exact) who specializes in stress management.

Today in terrorist times we should strive to develop the fighter pilot’s philosophy of “a wealth of optimism and a want of fear.”  I’m sure they would all pass this test:

So here goes; TAKE A LOOK at these letters:


If you decipher the letters to read “opportunity is now here” you will survive disastrous times.  But you flunk the test if you read “opportunity is no where.”

But lighten up, it doesn’t mean your life will end soon……just that you are not as optimistic, or a fighter pilot.

I like this
I like this

Source for test: W. Gifford-Jones, MD (from the book – What I Learned as a Medical Journalist)