Feel-good Friday: Global Warning

Oh those poor men – they often don’t know what hit them.

If women came with warning labels….. warninglabel4 I may or may not kill you.  If I don’t F….you then at least I’ll F…with your head!warninglabel6

Because I’m worth ALL the trouble
warninglabel5what would your warning label be?

Me? Sorry; someone tore mine off when I was born.

Men seem to like it when we’re being a little nasty.


Always read the fine print!

“The spider’s web: She finds an innocuous corner in which to spin her web. The longer the web takes, the more fabulous its construction. She has no need to chase. She sits quietly, her patience a consummate force; she waits for her prey to come to her on their own, and then she ensnares them, injects them with venom, rendering them unable to escape. Spiders – so needed and yet so misunderstood.” – Donna Lynn Hope



Feel-good Friday: meet my new love

He’s black, he’s bright, he’s shiny and he’s brand spanking new. I like that he’s in touch with his feminine side.  Unfortunately this will only be a fair weather romance because he doesn’t like to get too wet or too cold, pay for parking or buy me things. But people have said we look good together.scooter6

We’ll enjoy the ride as long as it lasts.

There were two others before him. Someone stole my last love while I was sleeping so I was keeping my eyes open for a replacement. And the previous one that I was keeping on the side was getting too old so I finally dumped him. He held vintage charm but was set in his ways and I had a hard time controlling him.

So with this new one I didn’t even look around – he was the first thing I saw.  I didn’t think I would consider his type but when I spotted him looking so fine in the shop –  that was it.  I said hey, we belong together. When you know, you know. scooter7


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the ride.  Remember not to carry too much baggage.scooter5Now I’ve got to find something on the side…..(for my dog)

Feel-good Friday: when there’s rain…

…there’s Rainbows

Lucky Dog!
Lucky Dog!

Jack, staring out his living room window is thinking one of three things:  Where did my humans disappear to?  What will I eat for dinner? Are there really rabbits, squirrels and mice at the end of the rainbow ? (as told to him by his mother as a young pup).

Why are there so many songs about rainbows
And what’s on the other side
Rainbows are visions
But only illusions
And rainbows have nothing to hide

All of us under its spell, we know that it’s probably magic

I’m a big kid at heart.  I love this song performed by John Legend, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy (another style icon), and Queen Latifah.  It is definitely Feel-Good.

On another Feel-good note:  The many faces of Carol Burnett.

carol1carol3I’m so glad we had this time together.  Fond memories of simpler times and fun clean comedy.

Tomorrow I’m really excited to see Carol Burnett at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver.  I have no idea what she’s going to do but that’s okay, she can just stand there for all I care.  I loved watching her Acceptance Speech for a well deserved Life Time Achievement at SAG Awards 2016.  If you haven’t seen it and you’re a fan you should google it.

I vividly remember watching the Carol Burnett show with my family and grandparents. I had the pleasure of meeting Harvey Korman when I was called to work on another popular TV series while living in Tokyo.  He was a regular on Carol Burnett and as suspected he was extremely pleasant.  When doing their live TV skits the cast tried hard not to make each other laugh but always ended up cracking each other up. They didn’t care so much about being overly slick. Show is SOLD OUT!

Photo of Bangkok Jack: by Took





Style Spotlight: Van Caissey

Van Caissey is best described as a youthful him ‘n her multi-brand lifestyle boutique. Yes, that’s it!vancaissey6vancaissey8  

I walked in because it felt airy and uplifting.  The brands are not-so-typical.

They specialize in intriguing objects of desire – things you can use from your head to your feet, made by local artisans.

Clothing, hats, healing products, jewelry, skincare, some just for fun and vintage-inspired pieces and a rack of consignment clothing at the very back of the boutique.vancaissey9vancaissey7



Van Caissey is located in Vancouver at 3463 Main St.

FYI: there’s a funky neighbourhood hot spot for great breakfast/lunch right next door called Slickity Jim’s.  I recommend you try it.

Website: http://www.vancaissey.com/vancaissey4

Celebrity Ankle-socks. Why not?
Celebrity ankle-socks. Why not?

Photos: d. king

 Wouldn't you know it - the one thing I wanted to buy that wasn't for sale!
Wouldn’t you know it – the one thing I wanted to buy that wasn’t for sale!

Feel-good Friday: feeling good all week

 My Week started off with an invite to the annual California Wine Fair presented by Vancouver Arts Club.  Followed by dancing…and more drinking….and dancing (but no driving).

Couldn't decide between the lime or fruit punch Jarritos (Mexican soft drink which may have included a bit of Tequila) while my handsome date prefered to stick with refreshing Dos Equis XX beer.
Couldn’t decide between the lime or the fruit punch Jarritos at Joe Fortes (Mexican soft drink which may have included a little Tequila) while my handsome date standing behind me prefered to stick with a bottle of refreshing Dos Equis XX beer.    Photo: Claude Duke Photography

It is their signature spring fundraiser where all proceeds from ticket sales and auction packages go toward the development of new Canadian plays and staging world-class theatre created by local artists.  I’m already familiar with many of the wineries from having visited them on several occasions around the beautiful Napa and Sonoma wine regions. Some of the properties are really amazing.  One winery is a chateau that looks more like a castle and the Francis Ford Coppola estate winery is very Hollywood glamour.  They’re fun to visit and of course, sample some fine tasting wines.

From the Wine Fair
From the California Wine Fair....in Vancouver photo: d. king

The very next afternoon it was off to the Tequila Expo Media Event at Joe Fortes rooftop deck with some of the world’s finest and smoothest tasting tequilas, excellent food, great company & conversation.  This was my second time around and it was thoroughly enjoyable especially since the day was so lovely.

The actual event will take place Saturday, May 28th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

From the Rooftop at Joe Fortes. Photo: d. king
From the Rooftop at Joe Fortes.  Photo: d. king

The celebration of all things Agave is open to connoisseurs and those who enjoy tequila in general with exclusive offerings not yet available in BC.

We’re pleased to be the largest event of our kind in Canada”, says founding partner Manuel Otero, President of the Mexican Business Association of Canada. “As a dual citizen of Mexico and Canada, I couldn’t be prouder to be part of this event that celebrates the best of Mexico by introducing Vancouverites to an amazing range of unique Mexican flavours – both culinary and spirits based.” The full week of events runs from May 23 to May 28.  The Grand Tasting Event at the Hyatt features top Vancouver restaurants offering unique small bite food pairings created specifically to pair with Tequila and Mezcal.

Featured restaurants are The Edge Social Grille & Lounge, El Santo, Joe Fortes, La Mezcaleria, Las Margaritas, Mosaic Bar & Grille and Showcase Restaurant.

New this year! Ticket purchasers will be entered to win a fantastic trip for two to Puerto Vallarta. AeroMexico, the premier airline of Mexico, is generously providing direct flights from Vancouver. The winner’s stay will be hosted by Velas Vallarta and Casa velas. Tickets are now on sale through Tickets Tonight. Single tickets are $79, with a group rate available for only $69 each for groups of 6 or more.  All prices include service charges.

And, as if all that wasn’t enough.. the very next day I got to feeling even more light headed.

Hair by Safa - Enchanté Hair by Design. http://enchantehair.com
Hair by SafaEnchanté Hair by Design.

What am I up to this evening? A Tango 10-year Anniversary Celebration Milonga on the Drive.


SALUT!    Enjoy your weekend

Hello 2016!

A recap of my time between Christmas and New Year’s:

And speaking of Year of the Monkey:

Las Vegas Jack
Las Vegas Jack
The Bellagio bear is made out of flowers
The Bellagio bear is made out of flowers.  The magical Christmas display was like being in Santas workshop.
Christmas Day - joining friends at the Cosmopolitan Hotel's Wicked Spoon
Christmas Day – joining friends at the Cosmopolitan Hotel “Wicked”


More Trouble in Palm Springs

New Year's Eve - I started out like this
New Year’s Eve – I started out like this – complete with silver sparkle shoes.
At the stroke of midnight my carriage disappeared
At the stroke of midnight my carriage disappeared and I lost one shoe.
But I ended up like this...2 boytoys when I awoke
I ended up like this…waking up with 2 boytoys.
So I decided to climb a tree in honour of Year of the Monkey.
So I decided to climb a tree in honour of the Year of the Monkey.

Didn’t get very far!

To be continued…..


Words…why Fridays are important

Today is Sunday (which means tomorrow is Monday, a work day for most) but here is why we need Fridays:


ISIS. Ebola. Russia in Ukraine. The world looks like it needs a Friday. But if the UN is looking for a playlist, we’d recommend starting with “a little less conversation, a little more action.” –  theSKIMM

On a lighter note:

Fridays are people’s second favourite “F” word.

Friday afternoons are filled with positive anticipation for the weekend.

You can sleep away your hangover the very next day.

For movies like “Friday the 13th“.  It would be weird sounding to change the day of the week – something like Monday the 13th doesn’t quite cut it.

Black Friday which is the equivalent of boxing day here in Canada.  This best sums it up:

Some people see Black Friday as a much-needed break for their wallet. I see it as retail outlets showing the customers the full weight of their contempt. The frenzy to buy cheap crap from China, the human downgrade of people fighting with each other over items they can probably live without, to me, is an insult. – Henry Rollins

And as for me, I don’t like to wake up at 4:00 a.m. to stand in line or sleep on a cold sidewalk waiting for a store to open.  Nothing is ever that CHEAP!

Well that’s all I could come up with because for me, everyday is a Friday!